Other than loading pictures as thumbnails like above, you can load directly into the post.

First you will need a album website like PICTURETRAIL.COM.

Picture Trail will walk you through the steps on how to set up an album, as well as how to upload pics from your hard drive. (Webshots is another freebie site (there are more) but it won't allow pics to be posted directly here, only the album link - which is a pain when you only want to show one particular pic.)

Then go into your album {EDIT} double click picture so that picture opens in it's own window. Then right click to see the properties. Copy the URL address into your post here. In ADVANCED highlight the address and click PICTURE ICON.

Using IMAGE button
URL address should look something like this:
http:// pic13.picturetrail.com /VOL460 /2196321 /4285450/t-54419796.jpg"

Be sure that your album are not password protected and you have selected to "share" photos.

{please add other site's instructions as needed}