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Thread: Prevent dog attacks: What can pet owners do?

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    Prevent dog attacks: What can pet owners do?

    Prevent dog attacks: What can pet owners do?

    Choose your dog carefully. Select a breed or type of dog that is appropriate for your family and home.

    Socialize your dog. Be sure your dog interacts with all members of the family, as well as people outside the family and with other animals.

    License your dog, obey leash laws, and take care to properly fence yards. Dogs that are allowed to roam loose outside the yard expand their "territory," and will often defend it aggressively.

    Neuter your dog. Neutering reduces aggression, especially in males. Un-neutered dogs are more than 2.6 times more likely to bite than neutered dogs.

    Train your dog. Basic obedience training is as important for the owner as it is for the dog.

    Maintain your dog's health. Not only is it the right thing for the dog, but it also reduces bite responses caused by pain or irritability.

    Be sure your dog is vaccinated for rabies and other diseases.

    Provide your dog with adequate food, shelter, exercise, and affection.

    Tethering or chaining dogs makes them feel vulnerable and increases their aggression.

    Don't play aggressive games with your dog.

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    If you have an aggressive/extremely dominant dog, don't supply hard plastic toys or bones, encouraging hard chewing.

    Also, watch the food. Not just looking at quality. I switched Kirby off of innova (not just because it was triangular), but because even though it was high quality, it was VERY high energy. The regular formula, was pumping over 2000 calories a day, (under 1 cup), into my then 10 lb dog!

    A regular human only eats half the calories, and Kirby isn't even close to the size! A stable, local brand made a big difference, still leaving enough hyperactivity to bounce the walls.
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    Great post Dax. I had no idea an uneutered dog had 2.6 times more chance of biting. That really is a great thing to know. Ohhh, also, i know that neutering EARLY curbs aggression somewhat.
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