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    Quote Originally Posted by weezyNollie
    Bulldogs are never naturally born, always C-section! Because of their large heads! But when it boils down to it, they are still dogs and need love like anyone else! And with a cute face like that, who can resist??
    I have a question about this. Do they wait until the bitch goes into labor for the c-section or do they base it on time. There must be complication risks to both mom & pups to consider as well.

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    I think they base it on time. They'll have the owner/breeder watch the temp of the bitch, and watch for the "water breaking".. or mucous plug/discharge. If bulldogs try to give birth, they have dystocia.. which is difficult labor or abnormally slow labor. And with dogs giving birth, you want to be passing a fetus every 2 hours.
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