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Thread: we miss you frankie B.

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    we miss you frankie B.

    Dearest Frankie B,

    As a mother we are suppose to love and protect our young. Unfortunitly, I was not there to protect you. Your untimely death haunts me daily and I am sorry.
    Your memory fills our home with laughter and tears. I watch videos of you and your goofy ways of making me throw a ball or play tug a war with an old sock.
    All your toys, sweaters and some of the small items you ruined are tucked away in a special place so when I am feeling blue I can go to them and laugh at the special memories you left me with.
    Being in heaven, you have probably come across Tara my black lab that I grew up with. She was my best friend as a child. Also you may meet Jackson, he is a yellow lab. The three of you will keep God busy bringing back a drooling ball or saturated chewed up stick.
    I miss you tons and I would give anything to have you back, curled up under my blankets. Hearing your breathing or feeling your heart in sync with mine. Your wet nose nuzzled up against my back or those brown eyes looking at me telling me how much you need to go out to potty.
    I miss holding you in my jacket on those cold days we decided to go fishing when it snows. I dont know what we were thinking. Sorry about that.
    I can still hear your voice echoing through the house letting me know your ball was under the couch just out of your snouts reach.
    Your human sisters are always talking about you and all the goofy things you did to make them laugh. The 4 year old doesnt understand that you are gone forever and wonders where frankie is. I tell her he is visiting God and making him throw your ball.
    Our first and last halloween, dressing you up as a hot dog. You were always game for letting me dress you up. If you were a girl I think it would have been worse. But thank you for allowing me to do what I wanted to you. For being so patient.
    Walmart and safeway were good about letting me take you in their store. The ooo's and aaaw's you got from your dapple coat. Almost sitting in the cart like a baby and looking as helpless as one as well.
    Thank you for letting me into your heart and making my life that much better for having you in mine. You were a sweetheart and I miss you everyday.
    I will see you again one day and we will play forever.
    Love MOM

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    In your mind.
    I find these stories heart-wrenching to read. Im so sorry for your great loss. My deepest sympathy.
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    He sounds like he was wonderful. His memories will stay with you forever. Thank you for sharing his story with us. My condolences for your loss.

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    Got me all teary -eyed thinking of my lost ones. Sorry for your loss.
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    I'm so sorry about your loss. Just know that he's in a better place now and that one day you will be together again.
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