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Thread: Pistachio Nuts - Poisonous?

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    Pistachio Nuts - Poisonous?

    Hi, I was away for work for a week and just found out my partner had been feeding my dog pistachio nuts (I'd say he would have eaten about 20-30)... is this bad???

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    Yes it is. I'd have the dog checked out at the vet. Is he acting ok?

    Pistachios contain high amounts of phosphorus which can cause bladder stones in dogs. The pistachios may also contain poisonous aflatoxin (which is a fungus or mold)Low levels are safe for human consumption but dogs are more sensitive and is extremely poisonous to them.
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    You never give a dog pistachio nuts. If i was you i would get him to the vet.

    I would never let that person keep my furbaby again!!!! Plus i would give them a peace of my mind.

    I don't trust anyone with my babies. If i had to leave them i would board them at my vets office. That way i know that they would be took good care of. It might cost a little money but at least i know that they would get good care while i was gone.
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    Source: ASPCA
    Are pistachios and peanuts harmful to dogs?
    Pistachios and peanuts are not considered to be toxic, but all nuts contain fats, which can cause gastrointestinal upset, including vomiting and diarrhea. Foods with high fat content can also produce an inflammatory condition of the pancreas known as pancreatitis. Many commercial nuts are heavily salted, which poses a risk for the development of sodium ion toxicosis in large quantities.
    The bottom line? An occasional peanut or pistachio is not likely to be a problem for your pet, but we wouldn’t recommend feeding him a significant amount of nuts.

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