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Thread: Shy Great Pyrenees puppy

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    Hey all, I just found your site here , thought I would take it for a test Spin.
    My wife and I just bought a Great Pyrenees Puppy.
    She is about 4 months old and is very shy.
    She is warming up to my wife and I , but is still scared of the kids.
    Any suggestions on how to bring her out of her shell?
    Ok we have only had her since saturday. So I am lettin her have some time to get use to us.
    But lettin her hid under the bed doesn't seem to help any. The more time I spend with her the better she reacts to me.
    Also. What are yalls feelings toward these choker chains for leash training.

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    Definately continue to interact with her. Also let the kids play with her gently with your supervision. How big are these kids? If she starts to show signs of aggitation, don't push it. Just let her go. You want this to be a good experience.

    Choke chains are fine if used properly. I prefer the prong collars though.

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    Try crating your pup. This way she has a spot all to herself that she can go to when everything gets too much for her. Also, try not to let the kids get too excited around her. It was hard for my 2 boys to do this, but I told them if they were calm - the puppy would come to them (and eventually he did).

    Choke chains are great if you know how to use them. I see too many people with choke chains on their dogs and the owners use them incorrectly. All it takes is one **** and a verbal correction. There are so many people that let their dogs pull & pull on choke chains thinking the dog will learn - they won't.

    I wouldn't recommend using a choker on a pup just yet. Wait till she's a little older. My husky is 4 mos and I still don't think he's ready for one yet.

    Another tip - make sure you start training your pup early. She's going to be a big girl - and if she doesn't learn manners - she's going to be a big problem! (I've always had larger dogs - I know how they can be sometimes)

    Good Luck!!!!

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    OK - one of my words got edited out - so replace that with yank, tug.
    (It was jerky - minus the y!)

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