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Thread: wet armpits???

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    Question wet armpits???

    My yorkie has sweaty armpits. I realize that dogs don't sweat except from the pads of their feet but I don't have another answer. We have put a cone on her so it is not saliva. It has only been for a couple of weeks. She has several allergy/skin problems but this one is new. She hasn't been outside or anywhere she could "get wet". It is coming from her skin. Her back will also get sweaty once in awhile as well. The wetness is definately coming from the inside out. Any suggestions? We are 4 hours from any vet. Should I start driving? Otherwise she is spunky, eating, drinking and poopin .

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    I would not class this as an emergency but I would have a full thyroid panel run when you can get there to do it. Moist feeling skin in the underarm area always screams thyroid to me as that is one of the first areas to show symptoms, as well as the groin and under the tail.

    Also- skin is one great big excretory organ. It literally discharges toxins and other undesirable substances that have found their way into your dogs system.
    So my first thought would be to scrutinize what the dog is eating. Look at every morsel and every treat, read every label and be very consistent about not allowing artificial ingredients get by you.

    What is the dogs primary food now?

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    I've never heard of sweaty armpits nor damp skin when not exposed to an external factor. I hope you can get some answers.
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