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Thread: English Shepherd Clipped (shaved)!

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    The theory is that certain breeds with thick, dense coats have a blood supply at skin level that is a bit more reactive than other breeds. When the coat is shaved, these blood vessels constrict, and hair follicles are not nourished properly, thus causing poor coat regrowth, odd colored hair patches, and strange changes in the texture of the coat.
    Also- clipping a hair disrupts its growth cycle, so what is normally a near imperceptible process of old hair falling out and new hair growing in suddenly becomes unsynchronized as everything stalls at once.
    This rarely happens the first time a dog is clippered- usually it is the repeats that do it. It can happen the first time but with this type coat I don't think it will.

    WordsmithWW- your dog will look markedly better in 4 months and by next spring should be as good as new. You can hasten the regrowth by regular brushing which will stimulate blood flow to the areas.

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    I am not a big fan of the Furminator on double coated dogs. I find that it breaks the guard coat too much. I want to remove the undercoat and leave the top coat intact. I like rakes and using a force dryer to blow coat out. These are things that can be done while waiting for the coat to grow back.

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