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Thread: piddling - not really a new topic - just a new problem

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    We got Mizzy at 6 months of age. Supposedly housebroken. She would pee everytime we took her for a walk and would go and sit in front of the door-no whining, or scratching, just sits there- if we didn't notice her, she would just pee on the floor. We decided she should pee outside without us taking her for a walk. Now she refuses to go outside at all. By giving her a dog biscuit, I can coax her outside - but she now won't even go to the door. Unless I put her out, she just pees on the floor. She is fine at night because she is crated. Any ideas to get my Shih Tsu to go to the door to ask to be let out. She sure knows how to whine to get back in......
    thanks for any help. I'm desperate-my hubbby says she has to go if I can't housebreak her.

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    Hi shelbourne. I also have a shih Tzu, great to hear from someone who has one too. I'm no pro in housebreaking but I suggest you also play with your pup outside so she can also affiliate outdoors to fun instead of just peeing. My Cocoa use to hate going out the terrace since thats the spot we take him to pee and poo so what I did was, I put alot of his toys there and actually would spend some time playing with him there too. Its during these play times that he pees and poops then once he does that, praise praise praise!! Cocoa's just reaching 3mos old so housebreaking is quite frustrating but so worth it!!! Goodluck and keep us informed...sure wouldnt want that pup to leave your home...they're just so adorable!!!!

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    I agree with ruth you have to be outside with your dog to play with her so they would want to go outside I got my shih Tzu 5 months ago and she's 3 years old. At first I would take her out to go pee but I would come back into the house and she would just sit at the gate and bark till I went out there with her then she would go to the bathroom while she played when I first got her I had to get to know her and the her signs of wanting to go to the bathroom she takes her paw and scratches at my arm to let me know she wants to go out at first I thought she wanted to play but when she would pee in the house after doing that then I figured it out LoL Lisa

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