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Thread: Boxer Dogs

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    Boxer Dogs

    Hi there - Can anyone tell me any info good and bad on boxer dogs? Thanks

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    okay - good stuff
    Boxers are friendly, great with kids, not too vocal, usually good with other dogs, their coat is easy to take care of and they adapt well to an indoor or kennel lifestyle - as long as you live in the country, they aren't town dogs.
    bad stuff
    They need a lot of exercise, they tend to get fat easily, they are prone to deafness and skin conditions, they aren't easy to train, it takes a lot of time and effort even to get the basics. They are boistrous and can be "mouthy", males tend to be very dominant if not neutered early enough. they can have breathing difficulties due to being brachycephalic.
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    Boxer.These are my moms very favorite dog,and a favorite of many.Here are the Boxer Breed Standards.


    Country of Origin: Germany.

    Size: Shoulder height: 53 - 63 cm (21 - 25 inches).

    Coat: White should not cover more than a third of the dog. Coat is short and smooth.

    Character: This dog is happy, friendly, and intelligent. It bonds closely with the family.

    Temperament: Boxers get along especially well with children. They also get along well with other dogs and household pets. They are naturally inclined to protect your family from strangers.

    Care: Coat can be kept in good condition by brushing occasionally.

    Training: The Boxer has a high energy level and must be trained not to jump up at people. Because it learns quickly, the Boxer is ideal for various sporting activities.

    Activity: This dog needs plenty of exercise.
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    If you live in Southern California I can catch a gorgeous brindle male for you He has been running on my street for the last week or so! I've seen him almost every day! SO either he's lost or his owner isn't responsible and is letting him run all over the place! Which is what I think.... and if so, doesn't deserve the dog in the first place! I saw someone walking a dog that looked just like him a month or so ago, and then all of a sudden it's running loose? I haven't called the shelter because heck, I have to harass them to get them out!
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    Excellent thank you all your info!! :-)

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    dothan al
    hey anna,, i jsut got a boxer mix with great dane,,, and i love her so much, she is everything that everyone on here said about them, shes a big girl at 65 lbs at 18months,,, she has learned trick really well,, good luck

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    I've probably trained 20 boxers in the past 2 years. They are great dogs. I think they seem to learn pretty good....the ones that have started training young did great in my classes. HAHA--they crack me up...they were soo hyper in my classes. I did have one *Joe* (get it? JOe BOXER!?!?!) He was a rescue (literally on his last walk to get euthanized) and he was 2..he did private classses with me...and definaltly had the dominate dog role with his mommy. We fixed that though. He did pretty good. Just took a while to get him to break down and let me teach him!

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    I just adopted an akc male brindle boxer 11 months he is very sweet. He is however heart worm positive and he is not fixed. Hubby doesnt want to have him fixed I do hmm lets see who wins this one.. HAHA He is a rescue from someone my hubby works with he didnt know how to walk on a leash when i got him it took me 15 min and we were off. I am lucky i know. He is house trained but will NOT do the crate thing.any help or sugestions please He(55lbs) now sleeps with me my husband my american bull dog(60+lbs) and my jack/rat in our queen bed I need to get a pic of it lol.

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    What does it mean to be heartworm positive? Can it be cured?
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    I absolutely LOVE Boxers. I think they are beautiful dogs. They are generally good natured, love to have fun, easily trained, faithful and have many other good qualities. The reason I don't have one now is because of my experience with my first one. I can't go through that again. My HUGE mistake---not looking into the background of the breeders and dogs. I found out after getting Emily that the people bred their dogs for "fun"!! Turned out there was health problems including heart and joint disease as well as behavioral problems with BOTH parents. Again, my fault for not being an informed purchaser. If I had known better I would have been suspicious when they let me take her home at 5 weeks!! I saw her and fell in love. I had always wanted black face fawn boxer. I first noticed she had an irregular heart beat when she was about 8 months old. Turned out this was just the beginning of a chronic problem common in large/deep chested dogs called Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Basically the heart grows large and floppy and is not a strong enough muscle to pump effectively. She developed pancreatitis which turned in to a chronic condition when she was 1 year old. She was relatively well until she was four. I was walking her, we had only been gone about 5 minutes, and she collapsed in full cardiac arrest---no pulse, no breathing---her tongue and lips went white. I was hysterical but alone. Being a nurse, I did what came instinctively and started CPR. I almost gave up after about 4 minutes thinking it was hopeless. She suddenly gagged and threw up and slowly regained concsiousness. I carried her home and took her to the Vet. There really were not too many options--the vet and I had known for some time that her heart was bad. I took her home and she just laid around for about a week. I fed her and carried her out to pee and just hoped she would get better. She slowly did, and we went back to our happy life. When she was 6 she had another heart attack. Same thing---CPR for about 5 minutes and she slowly recovered. This time, though, she must have been oxygen deprived for too long. Her behaviour changed. She was still my sweet girl with me but was easily startled and became increasingly aggressive. There were a couple minor incidences and I was becoming more and more wary about her behaviour---she was getting unpredictable and I couldn't take her anywhere any more. She wouldn't come when called anymore. One night she climbed over my 6 foot fence and attacked a neighbours dog right in front of my eyes. I had been talking to the neighbour, who was standing in front of my house with her dog on a leash, and saw a brown streak out of the corner of my eye. Next thing I knew I was trying to pull Emily off the other dog. I pulled her off once and she fought me and got out of my arms and went right back to attacking the dog again. I finally pulled her off and managed to get her into the canopy of my truck. She turned around, looked at me and wagged her tail. I was sick. I took the other dog to the hospital. There had been so much blood at the scene that I thought for sure she was seriously injured. Thank God, she wasn't and I still see her almost daily and this was about 3 years ago. After an agonizing night of crying and thinking I made the decision to euthanize her. I will never get over it. I still think Boxers are a wonderful breed. The main thing for all breeds, I learned, is to do some research----find out all you can about the health history of the parents if you can. I realize this can not always be done. Also, even if you have a mixed breed dog, if you know the mix, find out all you can about disease tendancies of the breeds so you can be prepared for anything that comes up in the future. Sorry about the rant---just had to let everyone know about my experience and hopefully no one else will have to go through this. I took the attached picture about a week before I lost her.
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