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Thread: Looking for a new Dog?

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    Looking for a new Dog?

    Before you make your decision, please check out the RESCUE/SHELTER FORUM. Perhaps you will be able to find your next companion and give a good home to a need dog

    ** ** ** ** ** **

    Looking for a New Dog, please read this first.

    * American Kennel Club - Alphabetical list of breeds by DaxAriel's Toy
    * Dog Breed Info by Moo
    * Your Purebred Puppy by Moo
    * Dogmania over 1,000 breeds listed by ChandraRae

    * Body Language Quiz by Koni
    * Dog Scouts by Moo
    * Pet Place by Koni
    * Safe Kids by Luvit73
    * WagnTrain-Body Langueage by Luvit73

    * by ChandraRae
    * by ChandraRae
    * by ChandraRae
    * by ChandraRae
    * by Moo

    (Inside the sites).
    Big Dog/Little Dog
    Dog Toys by PRO DOG
    Dog Treats by PRO DOG
    First Aid Kits by PRO DOG
    Flea Products the Natural Way by PRO DOG
    Male or Female ..What's the difference?
    Member recommended foods and treats
    General guide on how to look after your dog
    Sterilization Techniques
    Tick and Flea control Products By PRO DOG

    Vaccinations & Vet check ups

    What you need for Your New Puppy
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    Thanks, these sites were very helpful. We have checked out most of them.

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    Another site for names is type in german girl dog names, etc. You get all kinds of names, like this litter now I just had born is the M litter, so type in M female or males, get some good names.

    Also is good site.
    Look on my site Favorite Links, alot of dog sites for information of breeds etc. I found alot of them and put on Favorite Links page.

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    Though I have Labs by choice, I still have resqued other pure breds and mixed breeds to find them good homes. I strongly recomend anyone looking for a new dog to visit your local animal shelter. I can not express that enough. I have even driven 4 hours away to resque a puppy. Sheplovr, You are so right on your quote!!!!

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    Hey Dax I push that on peeps all the time. It is so important!! Though I have labs by chioce I am such a big advocate on resques. I've had a few myself. Hi to Ariel!!!!

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    Hi, I'm familiar with bulletin boards, but brand new to this one. I will soon be moving to the country, where I can once again have a dog (dogs). I really don't care about a pure breed, or should I say I don't need "papers".
    I have had: a dalmation, beagle, cocker, ex-racer greyhound (adopted), in my lifetime. I want a dog for the following:
    Companionship/pet, and security. I'm not looking for a heavily-armored guard dog. Just one that will bark when something is wrong. I'll be in a very rural area and would like to keep thieves/tresspassers away without having a problem with a "biting dog".
    I am more than willing to go to a shelter and get a dog; even mixed breeds are fine. I am leaning toward a dalmation and a beagle.
    Any input would be appreciated.
    Thank you'

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    I have one pure breed and 1 mix that I adopted from the Humane Society and the mix has been wonderful. She has such a great temperament and has been much easier to train than the purebreed. I am def. going to adopt my next dog from a shelter. I got my mix jada when she was very young so I was able to work with her and train her from the beginning. There are lots of wonderful dogs at shelters and rescues that need new homes. you just need to find the one that fits your lifestyle.
    Hunter the Husky

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    that is a nice list of sites, i read about 4-5 of them and i think it is going to help me for sure in choosing right one.

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    great idea Dax!!! I help with fostering and rescue in Missouri. We recommend also and It is amazing how many purebreds are taken to the dog pounds and shelters.

    - - - Updated - - -

    beagles are great little country dogs!! I love them. Just watch for thieves. I have a german shepherd (he looks scary and barks) and two chihuahuas. LOL the five pound chihuahua is the biter!!

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    Actually I own two dogs, 1 German Sheperd and 1 Chihuahua.

    I have a plan to own two another dogs.
    I browse to the net for another dog breeds that I want to own. When I open this forum I found your post Mr. Dax.
    I found out that your post is complete, from dog breeds, names and dog languages.

    It is vey helpful. Thank you.

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