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Thread: Another Canadae Victim

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    Another Canadae Victim

    Well, I just started Maia on the new Canadae formula, hoping it wouldn't bother her too much. She had it for the first time last evening, and then this morning. This afternoon the poops are very soft, and she is passing gas again. I know part of this is because we didn't go gradually into the new food, but I'm hoping that she will adjust to it. There's only one other person who buys this food at the pet store, and the owner hadn't heard anything about the new formula making dogs sick. I told him I'd keep him updated as to how Maia does. Right now she is laying on the couch, tooting at me-gross. I sure wish they didn't change the formula. Yech!

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    She'll probably adjust to it if she doesn't have any allergy or digestive sensitivities.

    My dog food guy dropped Canidae. Fortunately, I had already switched to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient.

    Good luck to your little pooter! Some plain yogurt for the transition might help.

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    you can keep your pup on Canidae and see if they adjust or there are other food options out there such as Natural Balance limited ingredient, California Natural, my pet food store is recommending Health Food For Dogs by breeder's choice.
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    She is probably reacting to the change in food. If you are looking to continue, I wold give her about a week to adjust. Then you can see a little better how she is doing.

    Mine really didn't have a reaction to the new formula but I did combine old and new for two bags.
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    Come time that my bag is finished, I am switching my dog to Canidae. I hope she does well on it. It is the only really good food in the area that I can afford. If not, she'll be back on Chicken Soup.
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    My dogs DID adjust to the Canidae, and I am still feeding it. Not ideal food anymore, but it works and price wise is still the best bang for the buck I think...
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    i switched my girls to california natural and they are doing great on it
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    I switched skye to innova. Its really alot like the old canidae.
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    I have heard a lot of dogs reacting poorly to the new Canadae food...I personally am not impressed by the food. I feed Orijin to my dogs and they are pooping solid and less frequent, beautiful skin and coat and soaring energy levels.

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