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Thread: Won't Potty in ther Rain!!!!

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    Our 4 month old dachshund will NOT potty outside in the rain or even just after it has rained. It doesn't matter how long we stay out there with him, he will hold it until he comes in. He will poop but not pee. Now he's started not even going to the door when its raining, and just pottying quickly somewhere out of sight. Does anyone have any suggestions??!

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    My last dog Wilson hated the rain. He wouldn't even get off the porch if it was raining - or if the ground was wet. (he was a pit bull/boxer mix - big tough dog - YEAH RIGHT!) We would just keep letting him in and out. He'd go out - bark, we'd let him in and then 5 minutes later he'd go out again. Eventually he'd go - it just took awhile!

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    go out with him and stay out there for 5 min. if he hasnt gone by then put him in his kennel and try agian later if he does go give him a treat.I have a shih-tzu that wouldnt go out in the rian untill i did this.good luck!

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