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Thread: Curly haired Westie?

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    Curly haired Westie?

    We rescued this Westie, who we found roaming the neighborhood after what looked like at least weeks of being lost. He was badly matted, and very much underweight. We brought him back to health, but had to shave much of the matted hair so it could grow back.

    Now that it is back, we see it is very curly. I have not seen Westies with this much curl in their hair, but he's not a Westie/Poodle mix because his ears are erect. (The poodle gene usually causes them to drop.)

    Can Westies have this much curl in their hair?

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    It is great that you rescued him. Maybe the hair curls because it is short. As it grows it's own weight might straighten it out more.

    He looks pretty cute. I like curls.

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    Kind of looks like Kirby when he's coming in from the rain.... When it's short, he gets a little wavy in humidity. (We get alot of humidity)

    See chest:

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    Could be some poo in there too.

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    my 4 month old westie puppy is like the pic of Kirby, but he still has his puppy fluff, and he is oh so soft...
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    Well, we *do* live in Florida, and it's plenty humid here.

    Thanks for the replies!

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