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Thread: Are uncooked Oats good for dogs?

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    Are uncooked Oats good for dogs?

    Like not cooked plain Oatmeal? Is it good for dogs???

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    I used to use them >>> particularly when I was in n. alta and it was 60 below. I steep the dogfood so that it is warm and soft, >>> so they weren't exactly uncooked, they were steeped.
    when I've seen the natural diet fed it looks like there is something like that in it, can't say for sure if it's oats, but it looks like oatmeal. then with herbs and molasses, is the way that i saw it fed.

    I was just using, like oatmeal porridge, for filler and to produce warmth, was my thinking. they seemed to like it and were in good condition.

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    Oats are fine for dogs cooked or uncooked just be aware of how much you are feeding. Like everything else too much can be bad.
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    I use quick uncooked oats when I make satin balls for Orson. Just beware there is a good chance that stinky gas may follow.
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