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Thread: Dog Lover Test

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    Dog Lover Test

    Dog Lover Test (From the V-list)

    1. You own:
    A. An economical wagon that you can get one or two crates into.
    B. A Mini van, because you need more room for crates
    C. A 4x4 Mini van or Sport Utility so you can make it over the mountains should it snow on a show Or field trial date.
    D. A motor home, Mini van and economical wagon, as needed for the trip.
    E. A 50 mpg GEO that you have figured our how to get 6 crates, 3 Vizslas, 2 Rottweiler, and GSP into because you cant afford both gas and entry fees.
    (Hint- the German Short Hair rides shot gun, to avoid fights)

    2. Your Child:
    A. Had a harness and leash as a toddler.
    B. Teethed on milk bones.
    C. Says he wants to scoop poop when he grows up.
    D. Is named after your dog.
    E. Is an only child because you are in debt to the vet.

    3. You no longer notice dog hair:
    A. In the car
    B. On the carpet
    C. On the Couch
    D. In the cookie dough
    E. Anywhere

    4. To dispose of doggy waste you:
    A. Bury it in the flower bed
    B. Put it in a baggy and put it in the trash
    C. Own a doggy Dooley and a pooper scoop
    D. Haul it to the dump because the trash man will not take a can that weighs over 75 pounds.
    E. Have a septic system just for the dogs.

    5. You own:
    A. One dog
    B. Two dogs
    C. More then the City allows
    D. Two dogs you don't have rooms plus several on co-ownerships
    E. Two dogs who live in crates in the closet, so your neighbors wont know how many you REALLY have.

    6. You live:
    A. In a track house with a small yard
    B. In a track house with a large yard.
    C. In a house in the city limits, but don't have any close neighbors.
    D. On an acre or more in the country.
    E. In the house with a kennel license.

    7. On vacation:
    A. Went to Hawaii and left the dog at the kennel
    B. Drove across country and took the dogs
    C. Stayed home because you whelped puppies.
    D. Went cross country to a specialty or field trial
    E. Have gone on show (or field trial circuits for the past 5 years)

    8. For entertainment you:
    A. Would rather go to a funmatch, or trial than a ball game.
    B. Would go to a dog show in the rain
    C. Own more dog training videos than Oscar winning movies.
    D. Like to stay up all night to help friends whelp puppies
    E. Have only attended events that are dog related for the last two years

    9. Your dog sleeps:
    A. Outside
    B. In a crate or on his blanky
    C. On the floor of your bed room
    D. At the foot of your bed
    E. Under the covers (you sleep at the foot of the bed.)

    10. For your dogs health you:
    A. Buy premium dog foods
    B. Put corn oil on the dog food
    C. Buy doggy vitamins
    D. By him SHOW SHEEN and you use Suave
    E. Spend more on Kibble, show sheen and kwik stop then you do groceries.

    11. As a child
    A. Your favorite movie was Snow White
    B. Your favorite movie was Lady and the Tramp
    C. You watched every episode of Lassie, through both Jeff and Timmy.
    D. Only read dog or other animal stories.
    E. Saved all your money to buy a dog. Bonus Point - where asked to leave the class room because you proudly announced you had "beaten that yellow
    bitch" at the dog show that weekend.

    12. You attend:
    A. Dog related events occasionally
    B. A dog related event monthly
    C. A dog related event weekly
    D. More then one dog relates event weekly
    E. A night can not pass without talking to at least one dog related person Bonus Point - you bought a computer solely to get on the pro dog list.

    13. Most of your friends own:
    A. A pet
    B. Have attended a show or field trial
    C. Compete at dog events
    D. Own two or more dogs and actively compete in dog events.
    E. Have four legs

    14. You can define or name:
    A. "NRA"
    B. "AKC"
    C. "BIS"
    D. A spinoni Italiani
    E. 1969 Best of Breed at the Nationals, but not the current Speaker of the House.

    15. You consider yourself:
    A. A pet owner
    B. A hobby breeder/trainer
    C. Professional Handler/ dog fancier
    D. A slightly obsessed breeder
    E. Normal

    Scoring : A=1pt., B=2pts., C=3pts., D=4pts., E=5pts. 15-20 You are normal. 20-30 slightly infected, but can keep you hobby in perspective. 30-50 Your husband/wife is threatening divorce if you bring one more dog home and your parents think you have over compensated for the lack of a pet as a child, but there is hope...GET A LIFE!!! 50 + you are gone.

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    23 points.. i guess that's not TOO bad hehe

    & Sammy

    ". . . So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt - because every sixty seconds you spend upset, is a minute of happiness you'll never get back."

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    High Ridge, Missouri- crazy4horses205 on horse forums
    I got 34 Yah!!!
    RIP Cody, you are gone but not forgotten
    Bush supporter and PROUD OF IT!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by doglady
    30-50 Your husband/wife is threatening divorce if you bring one more dog home and your parents think you have over compensated for the lack of a pet as a child, but there is hope...GET A LIFE!!!
    Well I guess this is true...I got a 47. Oh well love me love my dogs

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    My score was 42.

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    Mine was 41...

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    27 for me
    Crazy for Chi's! RIP Pebbles & Oreo

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    I got 42 and I'm proud because my dad will really leave if we bring home one more pet!!! LOL!!

    "Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail." - Henry Wheeler Shaw

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    I go 51 LOL!!

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    43 ................. Wow 51!!

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