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    What is the best way to teach my puppy to STAY. I taught her to sit and laydown but I cant teach her to stay with the same method and is it true that there is vacuumable powder that you throw onto the carpet that the dog will smell and not want to go onto the carpet? If so how mmuch is it and where can I get it?
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    You want to start out by having your dog on a leash (I like to use a choke chain also - but it's personal preference - if your pup is young - I probably wouldn't reccomend it). Put your pup into a down (give a verbal praise) - then tell her to stay. Even if she only stays 2 seconds - give her praise. In the beginning - I bend over slightly - and keep my hand above their back to push them back down if I need to. Gradually let her stay for longer periods of time. You can try walking to the end of the leash - and then out of the room. You can also add some distractions (kids running around, have someone run the vacuum around her).

    The most important thing is that you need to catch her before she breaks the stay. Don't let her get all the way up. You need to go back to her - tell her "no - stay" and give a correction. I normally grab the dog by the scruff of their neck and push them back down (not hard - and most times they'll go back by themselves).

    This is a hard one to learn - and it's going to require a lot of practice and patience. Remember to end each training session on a good note. Also - be sure to give her lots of praise when she does something good.
    Hope this helps - since this is kind of a hard command to teach - it's hard to write it all down without forgetting anything. But I think I got the basics covered.

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