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Thread: Our adult dog is aggressive to new puppy

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    We just adopted a 12 week old female puppy and our 9.5 year old is being aggressive. He is only aggressive to her with food and toys so we have been keeping them away. Also if she jumps on him he gets angry. The first night we had her he broke 4 of her toes! How long will this last? Will they ever be friends? Please help

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    I would seperate they're food, and maybe get their own toys. If you get a bone for one dog, get it for the other. This sounds like a jealous case!
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    classic jealousy case, the best thing to do is not to give them any toys at all, it might sound desparate but if they cant play together then you shouldnt have any toys out when they are both around. Feed them separately for a while too. They need to establish who is the dominant dog. In this case i would suggest pushing your 9yr old in the dominant position. Feed him first before your puppy (but always after yourselves). Pet him before your puppy, and when he gets annoyed with the puppy take her away. This way the pup will learn that your older dog is above her in the pack and your older dog will not feel threatened by your puppy. Hopefully this way they will be friends eventually.
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    I have done a lot of work with rescueing and retraining agressive or abused dogs. One of the tricks I like to dog when I have an older dog that needs to except a younger dog or a puppy is give them both a bath with the same shampoo. Not at the same time but one right after the other. Then bring them into the same room and while you supervise let them dry themselves and each other. The shampoo helps to give them the same scent of each other which helps with the exceptance. I find this also works with cats too. And getting them to dry off in the same room sometimes have surprising results with one of the dogs going to the other and helping it to lick itself dry off. Mutual grooming is a bonding thing so don't get involved at all just watch. Only get involved if there is growling but usually they are too busy licking themselves dry to bother with growling. Try it and you might be surprised.

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