This is new! I was looking at some Trial details for the summer and I saw the usual number of things listed. I wanted to see what I'm eligible to run this season, so I was just looking at the trial schedule. Every trial has a little list. 1 ST, 1 SJ, 2 AJ, 2 AG, 4 MS... yadda, yadda, yadda. S stands for Starters, TR stands for Team Relay and so on. and 2 CC. What's CC?

CC stands for Challenge Class

"The purpose of the challenge class is to provide a class tha tests the handling skills as well as the speed of the agility team. The level of this class is to reflect a similarity to the World Level courses in it's difficult and handling requirements. This class is th be judged by a masters level judge.

Course Time is based on the fastest clean run time in each jump height in each division. Teams finishing within or equal to 1.2 multiplication of that fastest time in each jump height will qualify. "

The Challenge Class rule book (tentative) has a list of acceptable types of "challenges" and levels of challenges required to make it a World Level course. It even has sketches on some of th middle pages. lol
Examples: Obstacles set in close proximity (5 feet) after a jump sequence; Weave poles preceved by several jumps with an entry of 60 degrees or more; Multiple forced side changes; offset serpentines; etc.

That sounds like a lot of fun. I wish Kirby could play, but he can't yet because of his contact problem. Too bad being in a Masters games class don't automatically make you eligible. He's so mutant fast for a 10" dog if he qualified at a Kirby speed, nobody else would qualify ever. lol