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Thread: A bleeding mole??

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    A bleeding mole??

    No, not the rodent.

    Chyna has what seems to be a mole on upper part of her front leg. She has had it for a while, it has not seem to grow any.

    Lately she has been licking at it to the point of making it bleed.

    Is this something I need to have a vet look at? I am so worried about cancer in Dobermans, but I hate to over react.

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    If she is licking it and bothering it she is agitating the situation by making it bleed. I would have it removed. I know when vanilla had one they froze her skin and lazored it off. There was no bleeding after the lazoring and she was fine.
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    Hmmmm, I would probly take her to the vet.
    Put some curry powder on it, that should make it a no tongue go zone!
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    I always had moles removed from Mel regardless if they changed in size or color. How long has she had this mole?
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    Regardless of benign or malignant, if a mass is causing irritant to the dog -- licking, bleeding, oozing. It's a good idea to have it taken off.

    If it's a mass that is benign and the dog doesn't bother it, no big deal.

    I would have it looked at and considered for removal. If it's as small as you are saying, you could ask if they could do a local anesthestic (plus or minus a mild sedative) without general anesthesia and remove it.
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    I agree with everyone,...for your peace of mind and for her comfort I would get the mole removed forsure!!
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