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Thread: 6 Month old Collie was potty trained, now again pooping in house

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    Hi Everyone, I need help!! We finally got our puppy completely potty trained, and now all of a sudden she's been pooping again in the house. The weather is getting colder outside, but they are kept indoors, except for potty breaks. It's not just one pile of poop, it's about 15, and it's all in one corner of my living room. She's still healthy, eating great, playing like usual, but the pooping thing is really upseting. Any help from you guys would be great. Do you think we should get her a crate? Thanks in advance.

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    Yes I think a crate would be a good idea. If she is going in the same place all the time then Take her food dishes and place them there after you have clean the spot throughly. This prohibits the pup from going there. They don't like to go in the same spots as they eat. But a crate is an asset. This way when you can't watch her she can be safe in her crate with a Kong or other toy. It helps with controling a lot of behaviour.

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    6 months is still a young puppy. You have to remember that there is a lot of growing, changing and learning yet to do for your puppy. For some puppies it can take almost a year to be considered fully house trained. Be patient and consistent with corrections.
    If your pup does always uses the same area to do her business in the house, it is usually because he has done it there before and no one saw her, therefore he wasn't corrected. So she doesn't know any differently. You need to make sure she is supervised at all times if he is anywhere near this area so she can be corrected if she looks like she wants to go to the bathroom. And then take her outside immediately.
    Remember, they learn so much so quickly, they will always have lapses of memory.
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