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Thread: 8 week old chihuahua

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    8 week old chihuahua

    I am wondering weather my 8 week old chi should be eating more? The bag recomends for puppies a full cup but he is taking less tahn 1/2 of that. I am putting honey in his water to avoid hypoglycemia. We have only had him 2 days and do not want him to get sick from not eating. Any advice welcome

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    My chihuahuas only eat about a 1/2 cup every other day. So that is about 1/4 cup aday for each of them. You must realize that there little bellie aren't that big and will not eat alot at one time. When they are that little i always free feed them until they are at least 6 mos of age. And you know what that means alot more bathroom brakes. because when you free feed one you have to kind of watch them and when you see them get thru eatting that means that you have to take them outside right away.

    The bag always tell you more them what that they should eat. And as long as he is eatting about a 1/8 to 1/4 cups aday i wouldn't worry to much about it because they have little bellies.
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    geeze...poor little thing...way too much for his tummy. Adding to above advice, I didn't free feed, but I did feed more often...four times up until 12 weeks, then three times until six months...then twice a day...that was for most of the chi' for the 2.5lber...I lengthened the time...same amount just spaced out because she didn't reach over a pound in size until she was 16 weeks old..and her tummy is so much more tiny. Even today, she gets dry smashed just a little, and an 1/8 cup a day.

    Oh, don't think I'd do honey either, there's puppy nutrical that's better and either he'll lick it off your finger..or you can add a touch to his food.
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    Waaayyy too much food!

    My adult 15 lb high energy sport dog eats about 1/4 to 1/3 a cup on an average day.
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    My adult highly active sport 40 pound border collie only eats 1 cup of food a day. 1 cup for a chi puppy is WAYYYYY to much!

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    May I venture to ask what type of food you are feeding?

    If the food has quite a few fillers, they may have you feed a huge amount so the puppy still gets the nutrition he needs for his growing body.
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    we are feeding him Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lovers Soul. He is akig about half a cup a day most days now. He is drinking and pooping regularly and is very happy and energietic. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH- I THOUGHT THAT ONE CUP A DAY WAS WAYYYY TOO MUCH ALSO! When I called the vets office the girl I sopke with ( not a vet) said that wasnot enough- and I was to bring him in asap. It just think she tries to get everyone in for exrta money! I am taking him to his schedualled appt for shots next week and will see how I like this vet.

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    sounds like you are getting the idea about the food but get a new vet that is uncalled for good luck with the new baby


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    sounds much better! Moxie is 20lbs and insane active and only get 1 cup a day!

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