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Thread: Tasty food additives

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    Tasty food additives

    I'm interested in knowing what different foods (human) many of you add to your dog's meals. For instance, I put a dollup of yogurt a couple of times a week on mine. They can't get it down fast enough! What are other favorite choices/how often/and why do you choose to give him/her/them that particular treat?
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    I don't use any, especially not on a regular basis. I've seen what it can do.. be careful with dairy products.. some dogs have intolerants to them. If I'm using cheese in my food I sprinkle some in their food bowls. My mom used to use cottage cheese and it made her shepherds have sore and very red/swollen bums. Then she switched to shredded cheese and the same problem was still there. Just be careful...
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    Hmm, we don't give Rudy human food on a regular basis, but when we have some kind of food with gravy, we generally put a little on top of his dry food, or if we have pizza, he gets a crust or two. Theres not a real reason behind those foods, Rudy just likes them.
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    Yoghourt and cottage cheese are some of the best things that you can give your dog. They love them, and they're great for the digestive tract. Mine won't eat dog food by itself, he's picky, and when he was a growing pup, he would always get a little spinach and yoghourt with every meal. Never wavered, so he just doesn't eat dry dog food.

    Nothing really greasy goes to my dog,
    Small chopped pieces of carrots, apples, cheese, some peanut butter, rice, tomatoes, green beans... He doesn't get human processed or prepared meats... Usually just the grains or the veggies.

    Also, he never gets what I'm eating the same day in his meal. The air smells like it, and he knows I'm eating it. It's a dominance thing for me. He may get some of what I ate yesterday though.
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    Our dogs very often get veggies and gravy that are left over from our dinner in with their dry food.
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    I try to stay away from people food. The only things i have given my dogs are...apples, carrots, peas, green beans and a slice of white bread. The bread they might get twice a day. I have also given them a little tuna, but I only do that at one meal once in awhile.

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    Lilly is a very fussy eater especially at the moment.

    Most of the time I will give her
    Fish (She loves salmon at the moment)

    Most vegetables

    Boiled Potatoes

    Fruit like apples

    Cottage Cheese

    But she also has high quality dog food as well

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    Oh and I forgot to add sometimes I also give Lilly oats and a tsp of margarine with her food.

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    I try to stay away from dog food for my dogs. There is nothing more unhealthy for a dog than the processed dog kibble.
    I feed my dogs a raw diet, but, when I used to feed kibble I added Sardines, wild alaskan salmon (stay away from farmed and atlantic), hemp oil/crused seed, flax oil /crushed seed, loads of yogurt but make sure its natural organic bio yorgurt with live bacteria in it. Cottage cheese is great, I never give block cheese or processed sliced cheese though. I give raw milk (If you can get it) never pasturized milk, raw eggs shell and all, hamburg, rice, oats, fruits, veggies. You name it, as long as it's healthy my dogs get it. I would never feed my dog any processed foods, bread, sandwich meats, hot dogs...I never feed hot dogs ever. I also stay away from tuna due to the high level of toxins and mercury in this particular fish.
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    There is nothing more unhealthy for a dog than the processed dog kibble.
    Really? I thought it was meant to be one of the best foods because of all the added vitamins etc. Also my vet recommends it for healthy teeth and coat etc. In what way is it unhealthy? I was aware that dog meat fed on it's own can cause bad teeth but I've never heard of dog kibble being really unhealthy and was just interested to know why you consider it to be that way. Thanks!!

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