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Thread: Wanted to adopt this dog....

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    Angry Wanted to adopt this dog....

    But it was a pit bull and my insurance won't allow them! I hate insurance companies!

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    That sucks so bad but what can ya do
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    Awe.. That sucks..

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    That's awful! My insurance agent was at my house one day and he looked out back and said, "I'll pretend I didn't see your dogs...." It made me mad! My dogs are very well mannered (it was my two Rottweiler/Bullmastiff crosses), in fact my cocker spaniel and poodle were the dogs that used to try biting people all the time!!!
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    I had gotten an american bulldog mix when I first bought my house and my insurance said I could keep him or my insurance was gonna be cancelled I just told them I was dog often are they really going to come out and check?

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    awww! man that sux!
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    Mainly the reason insurance agencies are more concerned with some breeds over others is the "potential" for attack and the "out come" of an attack. All dogs can bite and nip but not all dogs have the motor patterns to complete a full attack which leads to actual mauling. Also, there are specific breed groups which have "enhanced" behaviors and motor patterns which can make them a much more dangerous dog. A dog which has hyperthropied eye stalk, chase, grab-bite, kill bite, maul is going to be much more dangerous if and when it goes into predatory drift then a breed specifally bred not to have enhanced motor patterns, or have some motor patterns deselected.

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    Hmm thats funny! I mean, we get an insurance break in our cost because we have King, a rotti/gsp. They considerd it an asset to cut down on break ins and robberies!
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    Sorry to hear you couldnt adopt a dog. That sux!!! Sorry about my language...

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    I've suggested to people with pit bulls to refer to them as "Staffordshire Terriers." Now, technically, the breed we know as the "American Pitbull Terrier" was rejected by the AKC, which lead immediately to the creation of the United Kennel Club in 1898- the Pit being the first breed accepted. The AKC finally recognized the breed in 1936, but insisted on calling the dogs "Staffordshire Terriers" from their British roots. Now they have both become their own unique breeds- but there are still a lot of people who blur the lines of origin. And when you say "terrier," doesn't that bring up thoughts of little Toto and other small fluffy dogs?

    But also, see if an insurance company would be willing to accept you if a trainer were to work with the dog and perhaps give their "stamp of approval" on the dog's temperment.

    I understand the scientific ideas that went into the reply about the dogs having the "motor skills" more "enhanced." But that isn't why the insurance companies are making these blanket rules. It's fear that has been fed into this society and the absolute *&$!@#$ people who perpetuate it. If we don't start standing up for these dogs who are AS DANGEROUS AS THEIR OWNERS... then we'll have entire cities which ban the breeds. (there are already movements towards this end) Are you going to tell me I have the right to have a firearm in my home but my family pet is too dangerous???



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