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Thread: Crate Training Nightmare- HELP!

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    Hi- I just got a 7 week old yellow lab on Wednesday, who is EXTREMELY cuddley and wants to either be near me or on top of me all of the time. Well, I am trying to crate train and there are times that she will literally scream and cry for over an hour at a time. I have a crate with a blanket in it, toys are in there and I have the TV on. Her cage is in my bedroom. I know that she will not get hurt by crying but it really bothers me to hear her so upset. Can anyone give me any ideas on how long this could last or if anyone knows of other tricks to help????

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    I've got a question, are you going over to her while she's crying or letting her out? Do not let her out until she's silent. Spend some time putting her in there when you're there. As soon as she quiets, let her out and praise her.

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    Depends on your reaction to her crying. Do you tell her to be quiet or anything to that degree? If so then you are rewarding the behavior. Just a look at her is a reward. What I like to do is start off small and work my way up. Some dogs have a harder time handling the crate so to begin with I feed them during their feeding time in the crate. At that age she should be getting 3-4 small feedings a day. I never recomend free feeding, meaning putting the food on the floor and letting her feed herself when she wants throughout the day. I always give my new pups 15-20 minutes to eat and then I take the food away until the next feeding time. There are many reasons for this but it will take to long and is off topic. Put her food in the crate and leave the door open. If she is hungry she will eat. At first she might grab a bite and run out but kep putting the food in their with the door open for 20 minutes each time. Once she has been comfortably eating in her crate without darting out during her meal for a couple of days then the next time in the middle of her eating close the crate for 5 minutes only. She should be too busy eating to care. After 5 minutes open it. Make sure during those five minutes you are not present. When she seems comfortable with that then the next time she eats close the door for 10 minutes. Basically progress this up till it is the full 15-20 minutes of her feeding time. Never open the door if she is crying and don't go in the room or even look at her. Only go to her when she is quiet. I also like to teach then to sit before I open the crate door. This way she isn't scrambling at the crate door to get out as soon as she sees you. Once she is doing feeding times ok then start picking times throughout the day to put her in her crate with a kong or a bone she loves. Something tasty and chewy is best. Agian start for the 5 minutes and leave the room. It can be slow in progression or it can be fast it depends on how the pup reacts.

    For at night the best bet is to have the crate beside your bed. This way she can hear your breathing. Remember she used to sleep with a whole litter and it is hard to go to being alone. Once she is sleeping through the night with no accidents and she is doing well in her crate training then you can move the crate to another room for the night.
    Let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions.

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