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    Hi, I am planning on getting a dog in the spring, but my house doesn't have a fenced in back yard. Does anyone know if those radio/wireless fencing systems work or are they a gimmick? Should I just have a real fence installed?


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    I would get a real fence. My neighbors tried the electronic, they ended up putting up a chain link, and they use both, but the dogs still get out sometimes. Batteries go dead, collars come off, dogs ignore the shock. They just aren't very reliable, they're expensive, but they do work for some dogs. Also they don't keep anything else from coming into your yard. So another dog or other animal could attack your dog.

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    I have an underground fence for my labs. For the most part it works well. It takes training for the dogs to learn were their boundaries are, but once established the were very good about staying in their yard. Couple of things that I would like to note though. Underground fences are not for owners that want to let their dog have total access to the yard unsupervised. Also, dogs will break and take a shock if their adreneline is up such as chasing a cat, squirrel, etc. The doubly bad thing about that is when they come home they will get shocked for coming back into their yard.

    The reason I have an underground fence is that I use to have 3 dogs and a 2 acre lot. The cost of fencing in was more than I could afford. The underground fence just provides me a feeling of added security. But it is not fool proof.

    Just food for thought... I did lose two dogs that broke. They were out without electric collars and chasing a cat. They almost made it home. They both were hit about 100 feet from home. NEVER send your dog out with our the fence collars if your chose to use the underground fence.
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