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Thread: What age can a puppy go out to public places?

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    What age can a puppy go out to public places?

    I have been out of the puppy loop for sometime. How old are they suppose to be before they go out in public?

    I have a friend who bought a Christmas puppy, the pup is now 10 weeks old. She is going back to the grooming shop she was purchased at for daycare TODAY!

    Am I the only one who think this is NUTS?

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    I'm with you on this. This is nuts.

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    I've always been very paranoid about puppies going out in public when their vaccs aren't complete yet. I wait at least 2-3 months. More if I can. Other than going to the vet they don't leave my yard.
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    vacc dont mean they r covered..just make you feel better. no reason to not take them out starting at 8 weeks. i dont vaccinate and my dogs are still healthy same when they were pups. just be careful and smart where to take them and if they need to be carried in stead of walking.
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    I took Josie out the day i brought her home. I did not want to completely isolate her. I think people's paranoia about parvo is just like the world is so paranoid about swine flu.

    Just be smart about it and i didn't take her places where it was filthy.

    She also already had some of her shots already, she had her parvo shot when i had gotten her.

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    My dogs didn't touch the ground off our property until they had all their shots. Even in the vet's office. ESPECIALLY in the vet's office. That was about 16 weeks. I don't have any problem with people taking chances, but if their beloved puppy gets parvo or something, they'll be less likely to take the risk in the future. I have dealt with a sick 8-week old puppy (Mia nearly died) and it's a nightmare to deal with and the emotions are over the top. So I take very few chances.

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    You know I am torn both ways....I didnt take Nalla out till she had all of her shots...and now I am kind of regretting it because at 4 months old she is terrified of everyone and everything. She is scared to meet people in the pet store or at the dog park and scared of other dogs at the pet store and dog park. I wish I would have socilized her sooner to prevent this from I have an uphill battle to wage in getting her used to other people.
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    I take them immediately.
    I don't let them tromp around in filthy areas, but most of them went to a grooming shop daily from day one.
    Owen started his kindergarten at 10 weeks.

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    As soon as the first set of shots is in them, I would take them out.
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    Pretty apparent that many here have never seen the likes of parvo.
    It's a virus. It's a virus that is tracked around by both human and canines or anything else the virus can hitch a ride on.
    Clean outdoor areas have nothing to do with it. If a sick dog urped or poo'd somewhere months ago, you can still walk through it and track it home, to the pet store, grooming shop and vets.

    Nalla will be fine. Just start all of her socialization now. Take her all over.

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