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Thread: Amoxicillin &

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    Amoxicillin &

    I've heard of people using it on their dogs for various reasons.

    I was wondering if anyone knew if this was even safe and justifiable, and if so, what it can be used for under the right conditions.
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    Amoxic is an anitbiotic and pred is an anti inflamitory. They are used together a lot and are totally safe to give as long as they are given per Dr.s directions.
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    Under the right conditions = under a vet's care.

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    I've hused Amoxicillian on my dogs and cats, doesn't hurt them,mostly when one of the dogs had a gut problem,or sick.

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    i dont consider these to be safe for dog or humans....they wont kill your pet right away but they can contribute to a shorter life. pred can cause other diseases, lower the immune system. amox can lower the immune system....etc..should be taken with caution imo. vets will just give scrips out willy nilly without the need.
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    Roxy's been on prednisone twice for skin infections, not for a prolonged period of time. Knowing what I know now, in this situation (skin infection) I would NOT put her on prednisone again. We're headed down the road of least medical prescriptions that we can and prednisone is a strong drug that I personally will avoid from now on.

    With that being said, before my mother's dog died, the vet told her that he would have to be on prednisone for the rest of his life (back issues). Without the prednisone the condition would worsen, he would be in a lot of pain and he would die from it. Yes, being on prednisone for the rest of his life would shorten his lifetime, likely by years, but at least he would live a longer life free of pain.

    In this situation, I would give my dog the drug, but if it lessened their quality of life enough, I would likely opt for euthanasia instead of a long life of pain.
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    I was on Prednisone for my knees...all it did was bloat me out...I didnt even think it worked!!! I would not use it on my animals.
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    All drugs have a time and a place. These two I would never use with out a MDs script. Amoxi is a broad spectrum antibiotic. I would rather get a culture done and use an antibiotic that would work specifically for what ever problem. Pred is a steroid and can be very effective for skin conditions and inflammation... However all steroids have a lot of side effects, and should only be used for short term.
    I would talk to your vet before using any drug.

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    When our dear Rottweiler was diagnosed with lupus (spit!) she was put on Prednisone. It helped somewhat. Later she developed an infection and was put on antibiotics. I didn't notice any issues with the two being taken at the same time. The Pred kept her comfortable for awhile...she would have been gone alot sooner if we didn't use it.

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    When Poppy had her blood clotting problem the vet was reluctant to use pred becuase she didn't know what was causing the clotting issue. They always use steriods with extreme caution at our vets when they have no other alternative.

    Used in the right circumstances they are both useful drugs.
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