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Thread: ultrasound accuracy

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    ultrasound accuracy

    Hi everyone,

    I had an ultrasound performed on my female today (35 days from first breeding, 28 from last).
    We only saw 3 pups (and three heartbeats!!!).
    This is the first time I've decided to do an ultrasound, because my female is known to have small litters.
    Thing is, she was twice the size at 4 weeks (this litter) than she was at full term (last litter, 2 pups). This is very large for her, so I thought for sure I'd be getting atleast five or six.
    What is everyone's experiences with ultrasounds? Is there much room for error?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not positive but I think xrays are more accurate than ultra sounds.
    What breed are they and how big is Mom normally?

    Ok, nevermind, I just checked. Belgain Shep... that does seem like a small litter for a dog of that size but I dont know.
    There are other Shep people and breeders that can probably chime in better than I can. Good luck.
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    Ultrasound results really depend on who's doing the ultrasound and how good they are at it. I have a friend who did an ultrasound on her bitch and was told to expect 14 puppies when in all actuality she had 4. Same friend, who is co-breeding another litter, had an ultrasound done on a bitch this past weekend and the vet said all she saw was poop. *LOL*

    X-rays are more accurate but can only show puppies after their skeletal structures have calcified and that usually happens after day 50. I like to x-ray near the due date just to have an idea of how many to expect and to know if my bitch has finished whelping or not when the pups arrive.
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    I did ultrasound at day 32 with my last litter. Vet saw 4 puppies and she had 10
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    Whoa...that inaccurate? Why even bother?

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    Thanks everyone, I certainly hope it was wrong. She is so much bigger than last time. I have so many good working homes on my waiting list, I hate to disappoint everyone.
    I don't want to do an x-ray, I don't like the idea of radiation, especially on unborn fetuses. Our breed is becoming more prone to cancer, I don't want to risk it.

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    Well the earliest you can do an ultrasound, with any accuracy, is 32 days into the pregnacy. If you didn't do progesterone testing and the last mating was 28 days ago, then it's possible you're too early. Personaly I would wait till ~40 days into the pregnancy unless there was any health concerns going on.

    As others have said the ultrasound is only as good as the person performing the procedure. At my work we have a specialist that comes in once a week. She only does pregnacy ultrasounds and she's **** good at it, people drive 3+ hours to see her at 8:30 in the morning. Our doctors however are not that experienced in doing it and won't even charge owners when they attempt to check.

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    I use ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy... And that's about it.. I don't use it for counts... Too easy for the pups to hide in mama's belly!

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    I would only use it to confirm preg also..I personally don't like x-rays so I will never do one...

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