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Thread: Mysterious lump near my dog's eye

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    Exclamation Mysterious lump near my dog's eye

    My dog Zeus is around 9 years old, he is a doberman/labrador mix. And he has a small black lump near the inner corner of his eye. It has been there for a few months at least. At first I thought it was just gunk. So I tried to get it out. Realized that it was attatched, and stopped. Then I thought it was just a wart, so I left it alone. Today I inspected his eye again and the lump looks somewhat raw and irritated now. I am wondering first, what is a safe way to clean this wound, and second, does he need to see a vet, and how much would this vet visit cost? I know it isn't the best thing that we don't take him in for checkups, but its very hard to come by the funds so we try to reserve this for serious visits only. I am worried about him

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    If it is like what I had removed from my dog it is kinda like a mole,
    If it is, the sooner you have it removed, the cheaper, and easier it will be.

    Check with your vet to make sure

    Figure around 200, or get it done with a dental cleaning, so it can be taken care of at the same time.
    That is what I did.

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    At that age, my guess would be "Viral papaloma(sp?)", aka Wort. My last to pass dog had them at the corner of her eye, we just left them alone. Soem days you would notice the big ugly things, others you would noticed it looked like they had fallen off. Unfortunately, she managed to spread them to my Corgi before she passed, now he has one on his chin. There are two things you really can do for them, let them be, or have your vet remove them of which I'm not sure what it entails so you will have to call yours and ask. I chose to leave Jinjo's and if it gets bothersome, I've looked up herbal remedies to soothe and decrease growth, but I would advise before looking at them to talk with your vet and make full sure that is what it is and that you can use the natural tonics around the eyes.

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