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Thread: TORI fell down the stairs!!

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    Exclamation TORI fell down the stairs!!

    Dammit, dammit. ****. THE DAMNATION.

    I was bringing Tori outside, she had to go potty, and we were playing. I started climbing a tree, and she tried to get up it. She gave up and walked over to the porch and tried to get up the stairs. She did fine, like always. She runs up and down the stairs to go go potty and come in the house. Then when she saw I was coming down the tree, she ran to go down the stairs AND SHE TUMBLED, and landed on her BACK, and started crying! Oh my god.

    I jumped and ran over and went to pick her since she was on her back, and she seemed fine, but then she whined again and I looked at her paw. I set her down and she lifted up her paw and whined, and started limping! She can't walk well! She keeps whining and crying. I told my mom, and she said she'll be FINE. I KNOW something is wrong. I know it's not extremly serious, but she is a small dog and it could effect her when she grows!! I wrapped a bandana around it, but she whined and ripped it off. What do I do? My mom doesn't want to bring her to the vet! She just turned nine weeks today!

    I set her down right now, and she is running around. Is she fine now..wait no.. But she kind of waddles due to her front paw. Is it serious?

    What do I do??
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    she could have just sprained or twisted it a bit. wait a bit and if she keeps getting better and better on it she should be ok
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    There is a 24 hour rule when it comes to limping. I've had dogs in the the ER vet because they won't walk on it only to have them run to the car 2 hours (and $80) later.

    If it was broken she would not be able to stand on it at all. She'll be back to 100% in an hour or so

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    Poor Tori. I hope she is alright. Give it an hour or so to see if she goes back to normal. If not, call the vet for their opinion.
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    Joy was 9 weeks old when she fell down our 12 stairs from the bedroom area. I was outside saying goodby to my daughter and I could hear her yelping from the driveway with the doors and windows closed. By the time I bolted into the house, she was fine. It was a tough week though as that afternoon she fell into the swimming pool! Curious puppies can be a handful.
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    Don't worry yet. I'd give it a day. Make sure she isn't chewing it or anything. Most of it is the initial shock. See if you can keep her off of it for a while.
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    What's her other behavior like? Is she eating normally? Drinking water? Walking around, just always limping? Does she use it at all?! How is it being carried?

    When Ollie got hurt, I was very concerned. I waited 24 hours, and it was still BAD. He wasn't eating, drinking, walking, anything. Just laying on the bed, shaking, and DROOLING a lot. All because he was in pain. When I would take him out to go potty, his leg was being held up, tight against his body. I call it the flamingo hold. When I tried to touch or move it around, he would YELP really badly and then bite at me. The biting was very bizarre behavior because he was the sweetest most quiet puppy when I first got him. The next day I brought him up to school with me, and he had a broken leg.

    If your pup is acting pretty normal otherwise, it was probably nothing. Give it a day and see if anything changes. Your pup could wake up and forget about it and run off like normal.
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    Ok... I'll fess up.

    About a week ago, I was at the farm. I was the only person, and I had Sam, his mother, and his two "uncles" running around with me. I was doing night chores, and driving a John Deere gator. For those of you who don't know it... think 4 wheeler, but with a dump-thing on the back.

    Sam's Uncle Jake runs at the front tires of the gator, and tries to bite them. We're always worried that he'll try to do it to a car and get hit. The pounds per square inch on the gator is like 8 or so, so it's not libel to kill you if you get run over by it.

    When I saw Jake coming at the gator, on this day, I swerved into him, to startle him, because we're trying to break him of the habit. Sam ran in front of me and I ran him over. I stopped immediatly and got him out from under. I was hysterical, thought that I had killed my puppy, and I had just sold my younger horse that day... I was bawling. Sam was shaken up, and a bit tipsy... like he was taking inventory of his body parts. I squeezed him all over, and he didn't whimper or try to pull away. He got up and started to "walk" within a few minutes and stayed by the car for the rest of the day... but, he was un-injured and still comes up and rides on the gator, but is respectful of it. It was a terrible experience, but I think that he's got a better respect for cars...

    Like Sam's accident, Tori had an accident and she'll probably be fine, just keep an eye on her and realize that (just like you) she'll likely be a bit stiff and sore in the morning.


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    Yea, it took Joy about 2 months before she would go downstairs (I had to carry her)...and she still gives the pool a real wide berth.
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