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Thread: Licking other dogs in the mouths?

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    Licking other dogs in the mouths?

    Josie has started doing this. I have never in my life seen a dog do this until now. Josie just had a get together with her golden buddy at the park. Another golden comes in, this dog is much older, her ears went flying back, tails wagging a mile a minute and she went under to lick this dog in the mouth. The dog backed away as if it was annoyed so i pulled her away telling her enough. Then they started circling each other sniffing eachother's butt and Dudley ( her friend) comes joins in on the action and the 3 of them run off together playing. That was the funnest behavior i have ever seen. It's been a long long time since i have been at a dog park but after some pushing from Dudley's owner and few others i finally gave in. It was a nice experience today and no one said anything about Josie's weight issue!.... lol.

    So what exactly is this licking in the mouth thing mean? should i correct it ? i of course do tell her to knock it off if the other dog looks a bit annoyed. She only does this with older dogs. This particular golden she was doing this to is 7 years old.

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    Licking the mouth is a submissive behavior. She is telling the dog that she is no threat to them, and that she recognizes them as dominant. Some dogs do this to Kirby.
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    At our house, it's means the other dog just ate and there's some "juice" on their face, but yeah, it's submissive. I wouldn't correct it or anything. It's just dogs talkin'.

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    I correct if it's excessive. Monkey does this to Obi a lot, and he gets annoyed so I tell her to cut it out after a few licks.

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    Lola does this to Buddy. It does not stop at his mouth, she grooms him too flipping his ears with her nose and cleans the inside of his ears
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    Roxy gets this a lot because she's such a physically dominant bitch.

    If it's excessive, like notanumber said, Roxy will show her teeth, growl and if pushed eventually correct (not severely) so if it's obvious she's bothering the other dog, and you don't want her to be corrected by it, I would stop her.
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    Submission or simply,respectfulness of dog hierarchy which could be considered the same!.
    Excessiveness should be stopped!.
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    Bingo is a "cleaner wrasse". He'll lick flews, ears, eyes, whatever seams a little needing of attention. He pins the cats down and cleans their ears. I swear I can see his tongue come out the other ear sometimes...

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    I see this here at our house with a young GSD doing it to a senior( going on eleven).
    The older shows teeth and growls but never goes for an attempted bite.

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    No wonder the chihuahuas would lick the mastiffs like that. It was like i submit to you so you don't eat or hurt me. LOl! I still think one of them chihuahuas has a neurotic licking problem. She is so hyperly licky to me and ppl she loves that she hasn't seen in awhile. It's just too overwhelming of licking for me anyways.

    Quote Originally Posted by groominglady View Post
    Bingo is a "cleaner wrasse". He'll lick flews, ears, eyes, whatever seams a little needing of attention. He pins the cats down and cleans their ears. I swear I can see his tongue come out the other ear sometimes...
    That's funny! I betcha it's fun to watch.

    This is a puppy that was all over Muggs along with sleeping on his bed. She wanted everything Muggs had for the 3 days we all were staying together. Muggs would put her in her place after he had enough from constantly following him. He was cool with her on his bed ,drinking out of his trough,sharing his treats and food with her but after so long of her following him. He wouldn't even have to turn his body just stand there turn his head slightly and give her a big deep growl without even thoroughly looking at her. He had enough of everyone tho on the 3rd day, he went and parked himself in the driveway by the van we had came in. I think the night before party of like 60 some ppl there and this pup did him in. By the way in the 3 days we were there.This 9 week old mastiff puppy mix Lulu was potty trained. She was a great puppy. She didn't have one accident. We all were on it. I think the multi voice praise when the pup would go out and potty helped alot.

    Just thought i should add a picture of lulus face. She was such a good puppy.
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