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Thread: Dogs hurt Back leg

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    Dogs hurt Back leg

    Hi, kinda franticly trying to get some advice

    My dog bruno, was playing on the stairs today, when hes yelped out in pain, pooped himself a little and come crashing down the stairs

    Hes cant seem to put all his weight on his back right leg, Afterwards he was trying to be quite active and a friend of mine knocked on the door and he still did his normal ive got to lick you to death tho he still couldnt put any weight on the leg and was draging it.

    Ive manged to calm him down now on his bed and put a icepack as best i can on the back leg( hes lying down on the leg he cant put any weight on)

    Hes not yelping or crying, and he will let me touch the leg and to the best of my abilty its not broken

    its sunday and i cant get him to the nearst 24/7 vets which is miles away and i plan to take him to the vets 2marrow morning, but is there anything else i can do for him in the mean time?



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    crate him


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    Limit his area of play (crate or x-pen) and try to give him things to do to occupy him where he doesn't have to move around too much - peanut butter kong, bone to chew on, other toy of some kind.
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