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Thread: How to brush out undercoat?!

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    i use rake and slicker brush for both dogs. I do line brushing like mentioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by groominglady View Post
    If you folks have a brave heart and a good force dryer (you fear that a small dog might be blown off the table) you can bathe the dog first with warm water - don't use conditioner. Then just towel dry, Show Sheen, and turn on the dryer (best done in the tub!) and blow perpendicular to the body.

    I like to start at the rib cage - where the undercoat is thinnest - and work my way around. You will be able to see a ring of loose undercoat and be able to watch it lose its grip and blow out. Don't be tempted to wind the nozzle in circles, just sweep very slowly in the direction of hair growth. You can "wiggle" the nozzle to encourage the undercoat to give up, and grab a rake when necessary. Usually you only have extra work in the deepest part of the "pants" and up by the ears, of course.

    This method is a heck of a lot of fun and not very much work....until you have to clean up the bathroom.
    This is similar to what I do... Except I blow them out in the yard during the warmer months.. The birds love us! And much easier to clean up!

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    Fresh out of a dryer but I did get most of it out with the rake. Her butt is the only part left and she HATES it being done
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    Sorry, I know that this topic is very old, but maybe my answer will help someone in the future since I spent a lot of time to find the right information.
    I used the slicker brush from a local pet shop. Dogs get a brush everyday and clip for knats. Being in the south you check dogs everyday for bugs.
    My friend used the Furminator. Furminators are a carding tool they should be used in short, precise strokes while holding the skin tight... like any brush, you shouldn't go over and over an area again and again and again, cause it can irritate... when working down the legs in the body areas, I have a very light touch, but the results are amazing... I used to use a cheaper knock-off version, but then was given one of the new fancies handled furminator tools for a present, and that ****** is amazing... It doesn't work for every coat type... well it does, but you can get the same or better results sometimes with other tools... the coat king being one of them. I laminated a bullmastiff, and it looked the pictures you see on the website... a dog surrounded by tonnes of hair

    But coat kings have a blade in the hook of the tool. They will slice through the coat, and if the coat isn't completely combed through, WILL cut the hairs they get caught on (which is why you can use them for-matting) I like the coat kind to remove the bulk of undercoat... it does wonders on goldens and other spaniels... I also use them to get the worst of the coat out of dogs I'm going to hand strip... And again... if you go over and over a spot, they can leave a large red bruise like scrapes... I've seen it and it isn't pretty... Usually doesn't bother the dog, but it looks like you've whipped the dog.There are a lot of useful videos on this topic on Youtube, I will leave here one of them, I hope someone will come in handy. Good luck

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