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Thread: State Licensing for Groomers

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    There is currently no license required to become a groomer. There are groups of groomers & pet owners out there trying to change this that has caused a lot of controversy in the grooming world.

    Supporters say that by creating standards that the whole grooming industry have to abide by the quality of service will improve bringing a more professional view of groomers. Groomers would be required to go through an acredited school to have their education recognized improving the skills & knowledge of groomers that are going into the workforce. Shops will be inspected & required to follow guidelines for cleanliness & safety.

    Opposers say that standards made by non-grooming government officials will result in rediculous and expensive rules that will force some groomers, such as the home businesses, out. The expense will be passed on to their customers.

    Abuse/neglect is another topic that divides groomer opinion. Supporters say since there will be standards to comply with and be enforced by state government the grooming shops will be a safer environment. Opposers say it will make no difference as government can't or won't enforce the rules they have. It has also been pointed out that since the abuser has a license on their wall saying they are a professional there will be little anyone could do as inspections are rarely ever a surprise.

    What do you as pet owners and consumers think of this?

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    Since no one else posted, I will. Absolutely there needs to be regulation.
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    Many groomers opposed to licensing; I have found, are against any government rules and regulation, that's why many became groomers. No rules!
    Some groomer message boards are so against licensing they lock threads when rational reasons in favor of licensing begin to make sense.
    I am for State Licensing of the pet grooming occupation! Facilities and the Professionals.

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