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Thread: bumps on belly

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    bumps on my Blue Pit's belly

    Ok so I have a Blue Pit name Lilli, well I went out to feed her and her sister and I noticed my Lilli has bumps on her belly, when I rubbed her tummy it felt as though I was rubbing a Toad frog. I also have been treating her sister Patience for mange not sure if that is relevant or if it matters. I just know the bumps were not there 2 days ago and Id like to know what it could be. They dont seem to hurt her, she hasnt lost her apatite, she still has her same spark and she isnt depressed so I dont know what is wrong with my baby. can someone please help me with this

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    It sounds like it could be allergies, a skin condition, or mange. Try bathing her and scrubbing her with hypo-allergenic dog shampoo. If that doesnít work, itís likely something the vet will need to treat.
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