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Thread: Renting with three, maybe four dogs..

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    Renting with three, maybe four dogs..

    Can it be done? I am feeling a bit skeptical, every place I've found has had a strict two pets only thing. I have found one or two places where someone was renting out a guest house or something similar on a horse property- sounds perfect, unfortunately its so perfect that almost none of them are available.

    Any advice/suggestions?
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    It's a rotten situation to rent. Basically, if you rent, you're fortunate to find any place that will accept even one pet. Here's my sad story, you didn't ask, but when I hear the word 'rent' I think of the horrible nightmare in my life that I regret to this day. I was a renter, and you know how that goes, then I finally bought a home and that was fine and I eventually got two dogs: 'Princess' a mix shepherd, and 'Charlie' a black lab. Charlie and Princess were some of my first dogs that were really mine to take care of on my own. Regretfully, I was not the best owner and made them stay outside in a fenced kennel with a dog house, even when it was cold out they stayed in the dog house. They did not get all the good care that they should have, I've learned a lot since then.

    The day finally came that my business went downhill and I lost my car and my house and had to move back into the rental stage, and I just couldn't find a rental that would take dogs, I also couldn't find anyone who would take older dogs. It was desperate, and finally I had to take Princess and Charlie to the county place where they destroyed dogs. Not a pretty place. I left them there and went out to the car and started crying and cried all the way home. I have not stopped crying for Charlie and Princess since that time. It is the worst story of my life.

    Even though I say I would rather sleep on a park bench now than to part with my dogs, it is still a memory that haunts me. Here's how I solved the situation. I got a trailer, a 35' Holiday Rambler that makes a comfortable home. You can pick up a used one of these for $10,000.00, less than the price of a modest car. THEN you OWN your OWN HOME. And that is the way I now have two dogs, and could have any dogs I want as long as I am a good owner and obey the trailer park rules which are just sensible rules. The rent for a trailer space is $375.00 per month, which includes cable TV, all yard work done for you, a nice private and peaceful place to live and, most importantly, there is no question that I can have my dogs.

    Maybe you don't like this solution, but it works for me. Either I would have to BUY a place, which I can't afford really, or rent, with serious limits on having a pet. OR do what I did. To me it's perfect and I own my own home. Think about it, My trailer was paid off a long time ago, while you are paying it off just add the amount that you would need to make for a monthly payment for a normal house ($700-$1500 per mo.) to the real $375.00 month space rental at a high-quality RV park and you have a deal you can't match anywhere else.

    It works for me,


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    I don't know but I may be in the same boat soon if things don't turn around for me!
    It scares the beejeez out of me!

    Ken's option really isn't an option for me either right now. I should have gotten a trailer back in Novemeber and maybe I'd be better off now? Who knows.

    Most rentals that DO allow dogs usually don't allow 2 of my 3 breeds either so I've got even more at stake if I lose my place
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    I lived in my 32' holiday rambler 5th wheel for almost 6 years until I had enough money and help to buy my first house. I was lucky enough to have family to rent land out to me, so I had a space for $350 month with 3 acres for my dogs and to run my business.

    If I had only had 3 dogs at any one time, it would have been like living in a huge house.
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    I was fortunate to find the place I live now. Its a nice home in a nice, safe neighborhood.
    When I loved in here I had 3 Dobermans AND a Great Dane!!!!

    It can be done, just be patient!

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    I have been renting my whole adult life. Yes finding a place that will allow pets can be difficult but not always impossible. You do have a few options.
    1. Write up a resume for each of your dogs. Not kidding. Have a picture of it at the top then have a section about medical(all shots, neutered/spayed, microchipped and so on) then a section about training(house trained, basic obedience, certificates and such) then the last section should be references(previous neighbours, friends and the best is previous landlords numbers) all of them can attest to how you keep the house/yard and the temperment of the dogs. When you apply for a place and provide this to the landlord or agent it can help a person change there minds on no pets or number of pets.

    2. Go with a rental agency. Lots of them will get you to fill out what you are looking for and match you with a landlord for a small fee.

    3. Talk to your current landlord/estate agent. They can have lots of people that will have rentals where they can give you the names and be a reference for.

    My current landlord loves the fact that Sheena is potty pen trained and we are doing the same with Luna. He doesn't care how many pets we have since we have proven to him that we take care of the property and house. if we ever move he will give us a reference. Plus another landlord here contacts me about every 3 months asking me if I need a place. He had the basement suite I moved into with Sheena when I had to give up Ajax. In the end he felt bad that he said no to Ajax once he saw how well I cared for the place and my dog.

    Last point once you have a good landlord try your best to not let them go.

    Hope that helps.

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    I rent with 3 dogs, so as others said, it can be done. I had a hard time finding a place especially because of the two shepherds but we are in our second rental with all 3 dogs so it can happen if you look hard enough.

    Our first house we were actually told no pets until we offered to pay more each month than they were asking. The lady said that it showed we were responsible/caring owners so she agreed. I dont know if that would work with anyone else (my dad knew the people) but its something to keep in mind.

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    Moving to an apartment that I've never seen is a little scary. But reviews make the place sound good and I'm looking forward to meeting new people and maybe even doing some old lady things. I love the tips about writing a resume about the dogs to present to the landlords.

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