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Thread: Can I feed my dog soy?

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    Can I feed my dog soy?

    I am looking for a new and low fat source of protien for Skye, my sheltie with a 'bad' pancreas. I have some browned, ground turkey and fat free cottage cheese but I drink soy milk (kind of a health nut here...don't hold this against me) and I wonder if soy protien is nutritionally good for dogs? There is little fat and I drink the kind with no sugar added. Think it would be OK to put a bit over the kibble every day or do I need to call the vet and check first? I don't love tofu but I know it is an amazing source of protiens and amino acids etc. and I wonder if that would be good for her?
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    With an existing medical condition like hers I would contact the vet and see what they think. I'm sure you have a close relationship due to the condition and they would like to know what is going on home and be able to give some advice.
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