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    Unhappy oh no...

    remember the "dogs ive rescued" thread i posted a few days ago?
    well today i got an email from rebas owners...their moving and cant take reba or their other dog..of course im going to take reba back but i thought i trusted this faimly to make a life commitment to her..i dont know what im going to do i cant just let them throw thier other dog in the pound...he's a blind & deaf Aussie and the sad truth is he most likely wouldnt get adopted..i dont think i can have 4 dogs in my house right now ..i told them to keep them till augast 1 because we're planning on going on vacation this wensday..i dont know what to do its way too stressful...what really makes me angry is that i usally only adopt out to people i know but with reba i decided to let someone i didnt know as well have a chance .. they gained my trust and now their going to do this? it makes me never want to do that again..what do you guys think..?

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    Thats so sad! I'm sorry that the people did this too you. Do you know why they're moving? Is it just because they want to, or did they already have it planned, or is it job related? I mean, if its job related, you can't really help that, but still...thats the only thing I'd give them. I can't imagine I'd be able to do what you do...I'd get too attached and want to keep them all. Heck, I already want 3847598247392 dogs! :P Good luck with everything...hopefully these people have a better reason for screwing over a pup like that. I hope everything works out for both you and Reba.
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    they didnt tell me why they just sid they were moving and thst was didnt even seemed like they cared

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    people don't love dogs like we do, it's a sad fact. You ARE doing great things though and i wish you all the luck in the world.
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    did they own their house? maybe they got evicted and don't want to discuss it?
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    Well, I would definately try after your holiday to find a new home for them with ppl you do trust This is so sad! I wouldn't be able to do what brave things you're doing!
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