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Thread: large male bred to a small female

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    large male bred to a small female

    I have a papillon male that is on kinda tall. Hes almost 10 inces high. But hes very dainty though. Not at all bulky.

    Now if he would be bred to a small female that was about 8 inces high but a bit bulkier. Would that automatically produce problems for the female to whelp the pups?

    Im not breeding my Leo. I just started to wonder about stuff and wanted to ask you what you thought.

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    The people I know who breed won't generally chance it with a breed as tiny as a Pap. Two inches is quite a lot in a tiny dog - 1/4 of the height of the female - and she is on the small side of the standard. If you approach the size difference in terms of percentage of the female's size, the difference becomes quite apparent.

    It's a risk that I, as a bitch owner, would not take. I would look for a male that more compliments her, if I were to breed her.
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    I agree with GL...
    However, I breed a 20.5" male to my 16.5" female. I had no problem with puppy size (though I had ever other problem known to man.) But I did have a lot of information about puppy and litter size from her mom and aunts.

    In a toy breed, I would not risk it.

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    I agree with both posts,above me and another reason why I wouldn't do it:
    Toy breeds have small litters and when one of parents is much bigger than the dam,it increases,the risk of a C-section with 1 enormous pup.
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    Thank you for the replys. I am not breeding my Leo to anyone. It was just a thought I had after reading some of the posts on here.
    If the female was lower but bulkier than Leo, who is quite tall but really dainty.
    I just use Leo as an example. But I got an answer to my Q.
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