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Thread: Weaning Shih-tzu puppies.

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    Weaning Shih-tzu puppies.

    Well, my shih-tzy puppies are 5 weeks old today. I would like to get them off of mom, what is the best way to wean them. Currently, I offering the puppies a mashed wet and ground dry dog food, mixed with goat's milk, they seem to like it. Any other suggetions. Can they drink water at this stage?

    Thanks for the help!

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    They should have had fresh water out from the age of 4 weeks old. Your bitch will finish weaning them when she's ready, she will spend less and less time with them. They also are ready for kibble softened with warm water at this age. They don't need any more dairy of any kind from here on out.

    Make sure you give your bitch a way to get away from the puppies when she wants to, leave the pups food out free choice along with fresh water 24/7 and in 3 or so weeks she'll be done with them and drying up.
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    Well, she really does not want to feed them anymore! She voluntarily feed them 2 times for 3 minutes today. She will play with them, but the minute they try to nurse she jumps in the air and runs away from them. At this point I will not force her to feed them, They are drinking and eating the wet food. They love the water! So cute!


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    If you have not trimmed their toenails, they will be scratching the mother. You just have to take the little "hook" off the ends of their toenails, quite easy to do even with a pair of human toenail clippers. It will also help to keep them from hooking on things like your clothing.

    Any pictures?

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