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Thread: Paranoid about my dog

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    Paranoid about my dog

    I've got a Belgian Shepard who,is generally well behaved and gets on we'll with other dogs however he has a nasty habit of chasing small dogs when he sees them. A few days ago he was walking off lead when we suddenly came upon a woman with 2 small dogs. He went very alert & he was too far ahead to get back on the lead & wouldn't pay attention to us when we tried to get him to come back. He ran after the dogs & started chasing them & obviously their owner was getting very upset. He wasn't biting or being vicious but it took us ages to make him come back to us. We are currently in Spain & so it made matters worse because we don't speak much Spanish & the woman was shouting at us saying things we didn't understand (although I think she was saying things about the stupid English!). She went straight off & told someone else who was in the area about what had happened so now I'm worried Bobo will get a bad name locally. Now I'm paranoid a) about meeting the woman again & b) about the same thing happening with someone else. Now I spend my whole time scanning for other people so I can get Bobo back on the lead & walk time isn't enjoyable. Any suggestions as to how I can't tackle his behaviour?

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    I would walk Bobo on a lead from this point on. While I wasn't there to witness his body language, the incident sounds predatory enough in nature to warrant concern - and for what it's worth, his recall isn't solid enough to have earned 100% freedom anyway. I would use a 25' or 50' cotton training lead if you want to allow Bobo a certain amount of freedom but still be able to reel him in if/when he does not respond to your recall.
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    I agree completely with groominglady. I am not familiar with the laws there, but it is my personal belief that if the dog doesn't have 100% recall, then he shouldn't be off-lead.

    Work with his recall so it gets to be fool-proof, then you can walk him off-lead. There are many resources online:

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    You know this about your dog, so it's your job to keep him from doing it. Walk him on a lead or if he needs to run put him on a long line so he can run, but you can keep a hold of the line.
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    I agree with all of the above. You need to work on his recall separately before you can trust him off leash. Dogs need to earn their trust!

    How old is this dog?

    And just for my own curiosity, what variety of Belgian is he? I looove Groenendaels myself.
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    Thank you everyone for your advise. To be honest it has just confirmed what I thought. We always keep him on a lead on roads or in areas where people are generally about but where we walk him is countryside near our home & we let him off there so he can have a run. On hindsight the incident the other day was partly my fault as I'd seen the woman walking her dogs & when we were coming up to an area where I couldn't see what was coming round the corner I should have put him on his lead. In Spain they have a very different attitude to dogs which takes quite a lot of getting used to. Many people have small dogs which they leave out during the day like cats. Near us there are a few dogs that spend all day wandering the village before going home to their families when they come home from work. There are also a lot of strays as people just abandon their dogs if they no longer want them. It's very hard to see & we've stared to feed some of our local strays so that at least they get some food in them most days. A lot of people don't bother with leads for their dogs they just let them run free so unless we're off the beaten track I don't let Bobo off the lead anyway just in case.

    Thank you for the links they were very useful & I'm starting to work on the recall straight away.

    Moo - Bobo is a Groenendael/Malinois cross. He's 8 years old but doesn't look or act it, in fact someone the other day thought he was only 2! He's also very nervous of just about everything & has currently decided to take a fright to a chair in our living room, goodness only knows why!

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    Okay gonna be rude for just a moment.

    Duh! Use a leash and you wouldnt have this issue!

    Okay im done being a poohead now. Your dog is beautiful. Sorry again for being rude

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    There is another tip that you can use WHILE you train your dog to come to you. Buy a 50 feet light rope and let him drag it, this way he still will be free to roam and if something happens you already have a 50 yards advantage over him. Or you can just hold the end of the 50 yards rope, he still can move around you as if he was free. This is only good in extremely open areas where you can see from far away who would come and who's not. In the instance where you would have to turn around a corner you just short the rope back to you, turn the corner and let him "free" again. Make sure his collar is tight because even with a big rope he can still slip off the collar.

    I would imagine that you, just like the rest of the world, would hate to encounter a rude off leash dog that belongs to someone that could have him on a leash instead. Even if your dog does not cause any damage, remember, NO all the dogs out there like to meet every single dog they encounter REGARDLESS if its the most friendly dog in the world. So just dont do it for you but for all those dogs and people that they just like to mind their own business and want to be let off alone.
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    your dog is gorgeous!. Definitely put your dog on leash as everyone else stated. Shepherds do have a chase instinct which i don't think you can break but you can teach it to "leave" it and since you know your dog has a strong chase drive it is best to have it on leash . I even get annoyed when i see loose dogs running at me, and i usually start yelling at the owner . You don't want to be "that" person with loose animals .

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    Bobo is gorgeous!!! I agree with others about keeping him on a lead until his recall is 100%. If he has a strong predatory drive, don't take any chances.
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