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Thread: Can a Female dog have pups from two different males in one litter?

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    Question Can a Female dog have pups from two different males in one litter?

    Hi I know this may be a stupid question, but is it possible for a female dog to get pregnant by two different males?
    My female bulldog has a litter of ten pups. We bred her with our male bulldog, and we had them in a pen together, but she was out of the pen one day when I came home from work. Then the day the pups were born a male dog from who knows where was in my yard. Now the pups are about three weeks old and two of them have longer hair than the other eight. The dog that was in my yard was a long haired mix breed dog. The other eight look like bulldog puppies, with short hair.
    So I am wondering is it possible that she could have gotten pregnant by both male dogs?

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    Its not a stupid question. It is possible and has happened.

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    If it is right after the other dog mates with her than the pups can have 2 different dad's. Its the same thing, kinda like a purebred bred with a mutt, some of the dogs will be mutts some will be purebred.

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    Definately can happen!!! It can happen in cats too. Mammals that have litters have multiple eggs, and just because the female has been bred once, it doesn't mean she gives up. She'll take as many males as she can by instrinct to ensure that pregnancy occurs. It's nature's way of making sure repopulation happens.

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    Yep! My neighbor had a lab and she came into heat (which he didn't know) before he got her spayed. She was bred by 2 neighborhood dogs...and you can DEF tell which two! (One was another lab and one was a collie)

    Some of the pups looked like pure labs, but some had white chests, white feet, white tipped tails, and LONG collie noses LOL

    They were cute little buggars though
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    So you are saying that their is a good possibility that the ones with the longer hair are mutts and the ones that look purebred are purebred?

    So we have a litter of pups that has both mutts and purebreds in it?

    this is weird...

    thank everyone very much for your time.

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    It is possible for some to be mutts and some to be purebreed just as it is with 2 different fathers. But whether your pups are like that in this case, that would be your call on the situation but yes it can happen.

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    well lets put it this way, we were planning on selling the pups, but that is out of the question now because now we are not sure they are purebred.
    thank you again

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    Around here, people sell mutts for $400.00

    lol yes its crazy

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    NO.!!!! Whomever the dog conceived with usually first good tie is the daddy of litter.

    This is why DNA is great for Breeders like me. There can only be one father per litter. She cannot conceive to two different males. I have never heard of this. The sperm travels 24 hours it is good, so we count the first tie as the date to count such as Bitch one was bred July 29, she is due Sept 30 by first stud that covered her.


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