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Thread: i miss you tank

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    i miss you tank

    i dont talk about him very much on here but i think i should..
    Tank was my first great dane he was all Black with a speck of white on his chest he was 170lbs and 6'0 on his hind legs..i remember the day i got him he was the biggest of his litter and by far the sweetest..he loved going to the dog park and sleeping in my bed with his head next to mine..he loved long walks and loved when i took him out to the field next to our house and let him run and play off leash till the sun set. like most danes he considered himself a lap dog and loved giving hugs all youd have to say was "can i have a hug" and hed put his front paws over your shoulders and hug was the best.
    he passed away April 15 2002 at the age of 10
    danes dont live very long just enough to come into your live touch you in such a way then leave you with the greatest memories..
    i miss you tank... you big stud muffin... ill see you at rainbow bridge

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    Hi dane girl,

    Tank must have been very special to you, i lost a a dog called toby 6 years ago and i still miss him so much, he was also very special to me, he was a chocolate labrador, it was the worst day of my life when he died but he had the best life that any dog could have had because he was so loved, we had him for 13 years and i never had any children while we had him so he was my baby, i lost 4 pregnancies in his life time and he was always there to comfort me and like tank he would lie beside me in bed with his head on my pillow now i have his coller beside my bed and lots of lovely memories.

    We have another dog now called sam he is a golden retriever, he is a very lovely natured dog but will never replace toby- my best friend ever..i will also seeyou at rainbow bridge sweetheart.

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    I'm sorry about Tank! He sounded wonderful!

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