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Thread: Older Account, Cannot Post

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    Older Account, Cannot Post

    I have an older account that I can log into and private message on, but not post. I had to make a new account. Is there anyway I can still use my old account? I have a lot of pictures and everything on it from years ago. I can do everything else with it though, lol

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    Your best bet is to upload new pictures into this account.

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    The fact is- a lot of us did too. You can even see it on my original account (BorzoiMom" ) where I came in, posted- then because of a move- had to change my email address, then unable to verify new email address.
    I was told at the time that things were reading normal for mods etc.. but still- to no avail.
    I believe that is what happened to a lot of us.
    A glitch in the system.
    BorzoiMom * No Such thing as Just A Dog *

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