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Thread: three things that took care of our flea problems

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    with having 9 dogs, flea control can cost a lot. i found cheap things to take care the fleas. Dawn for bathing. lemon juice to repel the suckers and garden lime to sprinkle in their area if they are outside. the lime is safe for animals. it takes about a week for everything to kick in high gear but it does the job and the dogs are happy and relaxing. if you have dogs allergic to fleas (i have two) do organic coconut oil first after the bath then switch back and forth with the lemon juice until their skin is no longer red. my dogs had gotten to the point of red skin and losing hair from over scratching. after 2 to 3 times with the oil they are all better. it does cause a mess but its worth it for your dog to feel better. i use the lime wherever the cats seem to hang out at and around the porches to the house. try it!!! it worked for me. the oil also kills the fleas too while helping your dogs skin. when i put the lemon juice on dogs i mix a drop of dawn to it too. if you over bathe your dog it will dry their skin out causing a different reason for scratching. the garden lime i got at lowes for 4 bucks. don't breathe the lime dust either

    lemon flea spray
    slice 2-4 lemons (depends how strong you want it)
    boil them in pot
    put juice in container with slices in frig to sit over night
    ready to use next day
    i add warm water to maybe 1/2 cup and let it get to room temp.
    add a drop of dawn.
    leave lemon slices in big container
    its easier to pour and rub on dog than to spray because the lemon will clog up sprayer
    only do every 3-4 days

    hope it works for you as well as it did me

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    Do you not have concerns about exposing your dog & their coat to acid that often?
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    i only put the lemon juice on them until the fleas were gone. this year i only did it three times per dog within one month. i have had no problems with the acid on my dogs. it's not an everyday thing, only to keep the fleas off so that the lime in the area could do its magic. my dogs coats are healthy. i figure it's more healthy than all the pesticides that they are making these days that are killing pets. you have to think too about when a dog roams around the yard or in the woods they like to roll around in some nasty stuff, you never really know what they get on their coat. some dogs could be more sensitive to the lemon or some dogs are allergic to flea control pesticide that goes down their back. when we bought our plott for our son,he has a scar from his shoulders to the base of his tail. the man told us that he had scraped from going in his dog box. haha yeah right! the scar is about an inch wide all the way down. it resembles the flea stuff. that is why i switched to these things over the pesticides. it broke my heart to see that big scar on his back and think about what it probably felt like for him. i switched all my dogs over. i hadn't thought about it until we got him. i think that is why they wanted to get rid of him because of his scar and it was their own fault.i knew what the pros and cons were when i did it. it worked for me and my dogs re happy and that is all that matters. i had the concerns but the results out weighed them.

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