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Thread: feels strange posting here after so many years

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    feels strange posting here after so many years

    I tried posting a picture of casey but couldn't He basically grew up on this forum. Every now and then i'll come here and lurk to see if the same people are still here. Sad to see so many old timer's dogs have passed away. It's still strange to me Casey isn't here anymore either... :-/

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    Hi. I just happened to open the board today. It's good to see you. All of my dogs grew up from here, too. And I still have Jaia. It's sad that facebook and other social media places aren't the same. My online life changed so much when I had a stroke. Writing and reading is so hard to do... But I still think of people here all the time.

    I saw that we lost Hambone this month. So sad. It's good to see you though. Take care.

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    It is good to hear from you, Shelteez! I'm so sorry about Casey. He was a gorgeous dog.
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    Yeah I agree it's strange posting in here anymore.... My life completely changed because of meeting a guy on the chat that used to be here... geez 12 years ago now. Paige passed away at 8 1/2... My Brittany "Destiny" passed away at 12 1/2 years old. we have a rescue Dutch shepherd but that's it now... oh and moved half way across the country..... and have 2, 2 leggers. We are planning to get a sheltie pup (oddly enough) from my mentor, early next year. Fingers crossed.

    Shelteez, I'm sorry about Casey=-( It's so hard loosing them.

    I was thinking how we should start a Facebook page for our old timers here.... I'm friends with a few already on Facebook. we could private message it....
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    I laughed when I saw this post! I literally was sitting at work today and thought of the old dog forum...and surprisingly remember my log on and password!

    I do keep random tabs on the old timers...I still remember everyone's dogs like it was yesterday!

    For those that remember, Diesel is still going strong reaching 12 years of age, and Sola close behind turning 10 shortly! My youngster and newest addition 2 years ago (Akbash.."Rex") is the problematic dog with bad knees...currently booked for his first 4000 dollar surgery *sigh*.

    Looking forward to catching a glimpse of you all, hopefully!
    "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened."
    ~Dr. Seuss

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    It would be great if we had a FB page! I don't know how to create one, though, but I'd love to join.
    Forever my boys, Bogey and Miko. All my love till we meet again.

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    Tell me about it i come back every once in a while to check on things i think its been at least 3 years but i really do miss this place i hope all is well


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