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Thread: 4 week old puppies

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    4 week old puppies

    So my GSD had puppies four weeks ago today. This is our first time breeding. I've done lot's of web browsing and talked to our vet too many times to count. But I feel like I'm bugging her far too much! And I know you can't always trust info you find on Google. So this is a question for the breeders out there; when can you give puppies regular puppy food, what kind, how much, how often, how should it be prepared, etc. They won't be leaving mom until they are nine weeks old. I already know not to wean them until they're eight weeks. I just need to know the basics on how to introduce puppy foods to them to get the process started! Also some tips on potty training a litter of nine would be helpful!

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    I am not a breeder but you definitely want to introduce food slowly and gradually and make sure it is very mushy. It's going to be messy! Don't worry if they don't eat it right away, they may just play around in it a few times. Go with a high quality puppy food (look at for some examples). I would start around 5-6 weeks so by 8-9 weeks they are hopefully mostly weaned off mom and make the food less mushy each week.
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    Mom actually developed mastitis shortly after I posted this and had to see our vet. The puppies are now 6 weeks old and eating wet puppy food with some puppy formula mixed in. Our vet said to wean them immediately and this is what she suggested. Mom has to take antibiotics so the puppies aren't allowed to nurse anymore. But thank you....

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    I'm sorry the Mom got Mastitis. I'm glad the pups are as old as they are. I wish you and your canines the best. Healing thoughts coming your way.

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