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Thread: Small dogs.

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    Small dogs.

    I am looking for reccomendation for small dog breeds that are good for apt living. I am used to having shelties or big dogs like shepherds. Small dogs are iffy since most of them are tempermental yappy little things lol. Chi's are definitely not my choice. I don't know if i want another sheltie because it reminds me of casey :-/

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    I actually really like chihuahuas. Most I've met have been very lovable. Like any dog, they should be socialized.

    What are you looking for in a dog? Low energy, or something with some pep? Do you care about shedding?

    I love my Corgi... but he's definitely very high energy lol. And he sheds a ton. Most corgis need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. Cardigans have considerably less energy.

    Min pins don't shed a lot, but it's hit or miss with their energy level. I've met lazy ones and super hyper ones.

    I've met a lot of small shelter mutts that make great apartment dogs... that's probably be where I'd first look.
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    um, i wouldnt do a mini Australian Shepherd. They are small, but require LOTS of attention and room to run. trust me. maybe a Yorkie?

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