My black and tan coonhound jiggy is upsettting my crazy neighbours and theyre harassing us (crazy because he doesn't do it all the time and my windows are always closed because neighbours are always out smoking and smell blows into my house) i'm looking for a way to stop his howling, he only does it when me and my wife leave the house or go out in the yard without him, if he sees us in the yard he keeps howling but if we go away he stops pretty quick. I adopted him two years ago and hes six now, hes done it the whole time ive had him but its slightly better now. Ive tried the leave come back thing and that didn't help. The neighbours are causing alot of stress to my wife and something needs to be done, she suggested finding him a new home, its that hard on her. I don't have a lot of money so Im scared to get a trainer and it not work after paying lots of money. Im debating getting a bark collar for him to wear when we are out, i don't know what else to do, so suggestions please.

Hes a pretty good dog other than that, and that he pulls a bit on walks and howls at other dogs but only certain breeds or colours, we are working on that and have a harness that's helping.